Curriculum Vitae Joost Helberg


Name Joost Adriaan Helberg
Residence Utrecht
Date of birth 1964-1-11
E-mail address <yourname>-cv@helberg.nl

Personal information

I'm a customer-success driven IT-specialist in the fields of PostgreSQL, data engineering and application architecture. The last years I conducted several RDBMS design and data-presentation projects, alongside creating business opportunities in the field of IoT data-gathering, face regocnition, HR-facilities and computer directed natural dialogues. My software has applications in HR-businesses, several art projects, psychometric tests and large scale seismo-damage projects.

Most of this happened after concluding twenty years of running the IT and recruitment department of a mid-sized Unix consultancy company.

After years of combining database and software development with being part of the board of a company with 140 employees, I am foremost dedicated to use Data Science as a means to improve businesses. I'm exploring R and Go next to PostgreSQL as my tooling.

Last, but not least, circularity and sustainability grabbed my interest while being involved in some startups.


  • 2017 Workshop Data Science – Big Data Republic
  • 1995 – 2017 semi-yearly NLUUG conferences – NLUUG
  • 2011 European PostgreSQL Conference – pgconf.eu
  • 1985 – 1987 Computer Science, not finished – University of Utrecht


  • CRKBO Registered teacher ICT
  • Association for Computing Machinery; Professional member since 1978


Graded according to the European e-Competence Framework: E-CF.


GNU Emacs e-4
Org-mode e-4
git e-4
LaTeX e-4
Docbook/XML e-4

Programming Languages

SQL e-5
sh e-4
Go e-4
R e-3
C, C++ e-3
XSLT e-3
elisp e-4

Operating Systems

GNU/Linux e-5
Ubuntu e-4
Raspbian e-4
FreeBSD e-3
CentOS e-3


PostgreSQL e-5
SQLite e-3


Postfix e-4
Apache e-3


Literate Programming e-4
Reproducable Research e-3
Test Driven Development e-3
Open Source e-4
GDPR e-3


Personnel Selection e-5
Personnel Development e-4
Editing e-4
Natural Language Processing e-3
Data Science e-3
Competence development e-3



2019 - present Development of an IoT data-gathering system, including enriching measurements in a large scale LoRaWAN network.
2020 - present Development of a team-assessment system for competence gap analysis.
2020 - present Development of psychometrical tooling by means of sampling of voice, speech, facial expressions and pose.
2018 - 2019 Development of a facial categorization system for profiling.


2019 Application and Database architect.

University for applied Sciences Utrecht

2020 – present Supervising interns during Æther projects at the Technical University Utrecht.
2018 – present Teacher Computer Systems and Networks at the Technical University Utrecht.

Setup Utrecht

2020 Development of the art work Sorry, an automated excuse-generator by Smelt.
  Sorry is based on the Selection Automat with software changes by me.
2019 - 2022 Development of the art work Selection Automat, an automated personnel selector; unbiased, transparent and cost-effective.
  Selection Automat was build by Vincent Hoenderop (maker), Jeroen de Vos (dialogues) and me (coder).
  We presented this bot at the NSvP-event AI in Recruitment at the Methaalkathedraal on June 18 2019.
  We also presented this bot at Beyond Human at Naturalis between 4 and 6 November 2019.
  In November 2022 I presented this bot at the yearly VNG Realisation Conference.
2019 - present Development of the art work Pinteresque, a conversational speech assistant which keeps the conversation going with your hairdresser.
2018 - June Development of Paaltje, an automated activist, which brings citizens and local government closer together.
  The concept was developed with Dirk van Weelden, artwork by Maarten Kip.
  I was responsible for choosing and developing all software, system and hardware.
  We presented Paaltje, including a live demo, at iBestuur 2018 in The Hague.
2018 – present Consultant for Setup Utrecht.
  Setup Utrecht is a medialab.


2019 – present Building various speech-technology applications using voice-to-text, text-to-voice and decision making in between.
2019 – present Software architect at iVinci. A company building learning systems.
2018 – present Consultant for Repeat.
  Repeat, previously known as Gerrard Street, sells and rents out high-end headphones with a life-time garantuee.
2018 Consulting Architect at Woosh5.
  Woosh5 is a mental fitness platform, it helps sustainability of the inner donut circle.
2018 - May Development of the Reducer, a format-agnostic embedded-SQL reporting tool in Go.
  Import this into your Go-package with:
  import "gitlab.com/jhelberg/reducer/src/reducer".
2017 – present Publisher of https://litpro.nl
2017 – present Publisher of https://gdprunplugged.eu
2017 – 2018 Moving various fixes upstream in Open Source projects.
  Implementation of some e-mail products in the area of
  delayed delivery and last-message-wins reporting.
  Work in the area of reporting, statistics and data visualisation from, among others, RDBMS sources.
  Work in the area of avoiding GDPR non-compliance with technical means.
2017 – present Teaching two-day SQL courses.

Snow (now known as SUE)

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at a large consultancy company specializing in Unix.

2010 – 2017 Data analysis and visualisation using R, including KPI's.
  Presentation of exponential time series.
  Design and implementation of an entire KPI-architecture.
  Selecting telco-contracts by projecting costs based on
  millions of actual call-detailrecords.
  Fulfilling management decision making.
  Support and attend to Bachelor graduation projects.
  Setup and running the internal project organisation.
  Responsible for the program of the yearly Snow Unix Event.
  Moving towards the E-CF competence framework with gap
  analysis and matching capabilities.
2001 – 2017 Editor in chief and final editor of the renowned
  LPIC2 Exam Prep, (http://lpic2.unix.nl), delivering
  a new release each time the new objectives come into effect.
1997 – 2017 Selection and tarif determination of consultants.
  Design of all of the education routes for consultants.
  Design and maintenance of the certification framework.
  Design and development of the internal CRM/ERP system,
  which covers most GDPR compliance.
  Procurement of all server IT equipment.
  Management of the internal IT infrastructure.
  Coordination of monthly technical meetups.
  DBA and data-architect on PostgreSQL 7.2 until 9.6
2002 – 2014 Conductor of workshops and training-sessions in the area
  of literate programming and effective authoring.
1998 – 2001 Author of articles and columns in IT glossies.
  Among others: Open Computing, Linux Magazine,
  PC Werkstation.
1997 – 2010 Managing a growing number of consultants, up to 100.
  Conducting personnel appraisals twice a year for each

Dutch Government

As a specialist in Open Source, I was invited to take part in various governmental undertakings in this area.

2004 – 2007 Participant at the consultation on Patents by the Ministery
  of Economic affairs.
2004 – 2005 Participant Task Force Open Source Motor for
  the Advisory Board of the Market.


I was a C++ developer in a period where Irderto moved from analog scrambled pay TV to DVB. One of their new areas was Impulse Pay per View.

1996 – 1997 Design and development of an IPPV digital TV System.
  The system was used in the Serie-A soccer matches
  in Italy.


Starting in EMEA, PeopleSoft needed a strong technical presence winning business. PeopleSoft was later acquired by Oracle.

1995 – 1996 Pre-sales consultant for Peoplesoft client-server
  solutions in HR and Financials.


The porting center for EMEA based platforms was located in de Meern, the Netherlands. It managed to release platform-versions between days and just a few weeks after the base-release for VMS was available.

1993 – 1995 Porting engineer for all Siemens Nixdorf platforms
  of the Oracle RDBMS versions 6, 7 and 8.

Siemens Nixdorf

Nixdorf Computer, later Siemens Nixdorf, built a fault-tolerant VME-like Motorola mini-computer. The UNIX System V OS hardware specifics were designed and developed in Vianen, the Netherlands. We also moved Berkeley sockets into System V and introduced paging.

1987 – 1993 Senior Operating System Development engineer,
  later also team-lead of networking development.

University of Utrecht

The computer science department had bought an Apple LaserWriter and needed some way of addressing it through LaTeX and Troff.

1986 – 1987 Developer of a Troff to Postscript printer driver.