This is the site of a business specialising in the design of database systems using PostgreSQL in combination with using RDBMS-data for data-analysis and optimising. And helping customers of course. Actually, that last thing has the utmost priority; Cistus can help customers make some of their dreams come true.

Cistus was founded in 2017, July to be precise.

The founder comes from a background of Unix OS programming, Database design, Typesetting and Decision support with data science.

Over a period of 20 years he was responsible for selecting over 250 engineers (out of many more), most of whom became the best Unix Consultants in the Netherlands.

You can reach Cistus via e-mail: joost at cistus dot nl.

The fingerprint of my public ssh dsa key is: 1024 SHA256:DRO37EU/fGP0mrtc3miKWGHPp8KjmNUB6j4KkDm2G3M joost@jono (DSA).